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A Quick Guide to Unmanaged Dedicated Servers It is possible you use dedicated server without help. Since your dedicated server has a unique address you don’t share it with anybody. Unmanaged dedicated server could be customized as you wish. Dedicated server is often time thought to be offering high security than shared servers. High traffic websites should, therefore, use dedicated hosting services. To have full control of your web you should use the unmanaged dedicated server. You have the advantage to control your server single-handedly- alone without outside help. You are therefore in charge of maintenance and sometimes repair of your server. You would be able to do all these control and maintenance if you possess special skills and knowledge in web developing. By using unmanaged dedicated servers you will have no one restricting you. Your desire of expansion could, therefore, be reached with unmanaged web hosting. You could obtain the bandwidth, the storage space and the memory all according to your needs; this is the wonderful part of using unmanaged dedicated servers.
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It is very affordable to use unmanaged dedicated web hosting services. The freedom you get from using unmanaged dedicated server is not comparable with managed dedicated server. Using the services of unmanaged web hosting is cheaper than using managed web hosting services.
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The other best part of using unmanaged server is the part where one has the liberty to customize the site to meet your clients’ demands. By choosing the software and platform you require you could get more control over how dedicated server is configured. With the unmanaged dedicated server you have a chance of getting your unique IP address. This is beneficial especially when you are operating an electronic commercial site. Your customers would get the best experience using your site due to the speed and reliability offered by the dedicated server. As a business person your customers on your E-commerce site will be able to navigate through the various pages with speed. Log-in to purchase items on the website would be easy. The server is fast and reliable. Since you do not require to hire the services of highly specialized personnel to manage your web you save money; there is no overhead with that regard. You should make a thorough review of the companies providing unmanaged web hosting services so as you can make the right decision. You need the best deal; compare and contrast the terms and conditions of each company providing with dedicated server services. Factors such as affordability, reliability, and speed of the dedicated server should be considered in depth before you decide to settle on any particular provider of such services.